We love breakfast. But we’ve always wanted to make it better. Don’t settle for the same old boring start to the morning. Forget artificial flavours and cereal that doesn’t keep you full. We’ve created something healthier, tastier, and simply more exciting. Spoon livens up the morning and powers you through the day. It’s worth getting out of bed for.



Cereal is our passion and we think it should be yours too. So, who says you can’t use our granolas and mueslis in creative ways and enjoy them all day long? We believe in healthy ingredients and sensational flavours, but we don’t believe in limits. Cereal is not just for breakfast.


Whatever your style is, you can create a healthy breakfast, post-workout snack, or even last-minute dinner from countless combinations of our tasty granolas and mueslis. Add your favourite toppings with yoghurt, fruit, nuts and seeds, and you’re good to go. We love seeing snaps of your delicious bowls (so remember to tag #buildyourbowl and @spooncereals). It’s time to indulge.


Our cereals are made with high-quality, no-nonsense ingredients. We use wholegrain oats, natural flavours and absolutely no refined sugar to create cereal that’s high in fibre and good for your gut. This simple list of ingredients provides the brilliant base for our granolas and mueslis. Spoon cereal is delicious and nutritious.


We love exciting flavour combos just as much as we love our clean ingredients. Spoon is all about variety: whether you love to indulge in rich chocolate, tangy berries, warm cinnamon or crunchy nuts, there’s something just right for you. We never compromise on flavour.


We are creating a community of cereal enthusiasts, the Spooners. From high-energy granola bars to delicious cakes and bakes, Spoon can be used as an all-important ingredient too. Want to become a Spooner? Tag us in your fabulous creations on social media with @spooncereals and send your recipes to for the chance to be featured on our recipe page. We can’t wait to see them!