We love breakfast. But we’ve always wanted to make it better: tastier, healthier, simpler and more exciting. What started in our kitchen quickly became an amazing journey (4am starts aside) serving our homemade granola with seasonal toppings at food markets, festivals and train stations. We realised people wanted to see it in boxes and on shelves, so now we’re busy working hard to make sure everyone has a good reason to jump out of bed in the morning.


Our granolas contain a short list of high-quality ingredients, like pure Canadian maple syrup, which tastes awesome and is packed with more antioxidants and nutrients than refined sugars. Not rocket science. But tastes out of this world.


Healthy is a word that means different things to different people. For us it’s about having a healthy attitude to food and enjoying the foods that will ultimately keep you energised and happy. When developing our recipes, we conjure up flavour combinations we reckon you’ll love, but we’re also very conscious about the nutritional profile. We keep the sugar levels to a minimum and include plenty of wholegrains for a breakfast cereal that’s high in fibre. In our latest muesli range you’ll find superfoods such as beetroot powder and turmeric, giving you that extra little health kick in the morning


We’re in the breakfast aisle but don't let that stop you from eating our cereals pre/post workout or as a night time snack (in fact, anytime of day). For ideas on ways to enjoy our granolas and mueslis and exciting breakfast recipes, head over to our journal.