We’ve always had a soft spot for breakfast. But we’ve always thought we could make breakfast better: tastier, healthier, simpler and frankly more exciting. Every day is different and we think breakfast should be too. So we decided to do something about it, and that something is Spoon.

We make breakfast worth getting out of bed for. We want the world to wake up ready to take on the day knowing Spoon is there to get them going. And we believe the answer to all this lies in a breakfast bowl: endless combinations of tasty, good things that get taste-buds fired up for whatever lies ahead. 


We obsess over flavour combos - quite simply it’s why we get up in the mornings. It’s also why we began the UK’s first cereal pop-up and it’s why we’ll keep creating more delicious recipes using only simple high-quality ingredients. 


Never refined sugar, no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, and always lots of wholegrains - we make breakfast that’s high in fibre for a healthy gut. Because we all want to start the day on a health high. 


Our ingredients lists are clean and lean. They may even inspire passionate cooks among us to have a go at home. Make it don’t fake it, we say. 


The breakfast bowl is how we started and how we mean to go on. We yawn in the face of bland, boring cereals. Things never get dull when you can #buildyourbowl with your favourite yoghurt, fruits, compotes, nuts, seeds and syrups, the list goes on and on. Swivel to the side of this pack for ideas to get you going.