Nutty Banana Bowl

We believe muesli deserves a makeover at Spoon, such as our Nutty One muesli which contains a blend of wholegrain jumbo oats, malted barley flakes and puffed quinoa. We've added three types of whole nuts, orange peel and a dusting of ground turmeric and cinnamon to create a tasty muesli that doesn't have you picking out any excess dried fruit! Side note: it's vegan and has no added sugar - what are you waiting for?

Why not build your bowl with fresh banana and grated dark chocolate in the morning and say goodbye to bland muesli bowls. 


  • 50g The Nutty One muesli 

  • 1 fresh banana sliced in half or chopped 

  • Small handful of extra chopped mixed nuts 

  • 1-2tsp almond butter 

  • A grating of dark chocolate 

  • Splash of oat milk


Assemble your bowl with the muesli at the base. Add all the other ingredients and complete with your preferred amount of oat milk. Enjoy your morning ritual!