Chia Seeds

Kate’s Chia Chai and Chocolate pudding


Kate (@kates_fit_lifestyle) runs her own fashion line @mevmeclothing, is a personal trainer and wellness coach. Despite her busy lifestyle she certainly does not want to miss out on tasty and healthy meals so she created a delicious, yet healthy and tasty breakfast pudding recipe.



Simmer 1/2 cup water and a Cupsmith Masala Chai tea bag for 5 mins.

Add the almond milk, honey and vanilla powder and let it simmer for another 3 minutes.

Remove from heat and allow to infuse for 10 mins.

Strain out teabag and add in the chia seeds. Stir well to combine and set aside for 10-15 mins but keep stirring every so often to break up any lumps, should swell and chia seeds absorb liquid abs make a pudding consistency.

Add chia seeds mix into bowls and top with a spoon of coconut yoghurt and a big helping of Dark Choc Zing granola.

Spoonie Tip:

If you want to keep the second pudding for the next day just refrigerate and then remove and add toppings when ready to eat!