Spoon {meets} : Zoe Morton, founder of ZM Jewellery

Zoe Morton has recently returned to London from an eight-month adventure to start a jewellery brand, inspired by old and new friends and her many adventures and experiences whilst away. It is upon her return that the ZM brand has come to life. ZM is a line of jewellery that reminds you to keep adventure close with wearable pieces etched with memories of the wilderness, nature and the countryside. Her designs are simple, elegant and artisan - each piece is made to order and a symbol for remembering adventures and inspiring new ones. We met Zoe on a sunny October day in Tiosk on Broadway Market in Hackney to shoot her new line of jewellery and caught up on her quest for jewellery inspiration from afar. 


You previously worked as a photographer's in-house representative. Why the change to jewellery?

Yes, I worked for as a photography assistant when I first moved to London and then I got a job as a photographer’s in-house representative. I stayed in this position working for the same photographer for 3 years. I really loved my time there, but after doing a couple of evening courses in jewellery design at Central St Martins I just realised that it wasn't the career for me. I had itchy feet so I decided to save up as much as I could and go! 


Was there anything in particular that inspired your jewellery making on your travels?

I spent some time in Burma, and I think their attitude towards life inspired me hugely. We were lucky enough to meet some truly inspirational people there. It’s also just a very beautiful country. I also got to visit friends in China and California - my friends are a huge inspiration to me, and spur me on! California will always be a big inspiration, the nature out there is just incredible. Then when I was in Italy the whole experience was inspiring from my teachers at the jewellery school, to the Italian way of life. London is so busy and hectic so I try and remember my times in Burma, California and especially Italy just to take a second and smile. 


What are your morning rituals?

I would say I’m an OK morning person! I get up around 7ish, some mornings I go on a run. Then for breakfast (inspired by my wonderful make up artist friend Amy Davies) I have a delicious little jam jar (prepped the night before) of oats soaked in coconut milk (or almond) cinnamon, banana, chia seeds and if I'm lucky some granola and other fruit!


Can you walk us through your day?

Everyday varies which is great! Some days I spend cycling all round London picking up materials and pieces and then dropping them off somewhere else. Then other days I will work from a cafe or I sometimes pop in and work with friends who have also set up companies! Then some days I will just be making, making ,making! Essential to all days is a good playlist. 


What advice can you give to anyone thinking of embarking on a creative business?

I would say just keep at it. There will be many days where you wake up and think ‘what the hell am I doing’? Focus on the good days and keep going. Also I would say its really important to surround yourself with people doing similar things – they really keep me going and give me confidence. 


Do you have a health philosophy? If so, what is it?

Yes I think so. For me its just to work hard, but also give myself space to go for a run and do yoga and get out of London to the sea and hills and places where there are far less people. I guess I'm pretty simple really - what makes me tick is a tent in the middle of nowhere with a couple of friends (by some water source like a lake or the sea). 


What or who recently inspired you?

I always go to lots of exhibitions if I can around London - all of which I love seeing and find inspirational in some ways, but to be honest what really inspires me is simple - my friends and family and getting out to lakes, mountains and the sea. I am really lucky to have some very high achieving and inspirational family and friends so don't really need to look any further. 

Follow Zoe's adventures: http://zmorton.com/

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