Behind the scenes : Pearl Fisher x Spoon Pop-Up

Spoon started life as London's first breakfast cereal pop-up, at the time an unusual concept to grasp for some, but a hit with many a breakfast aficionado looking for a high quality, healthy, fresh bowl of cereal on their way to work.  We were lucky that the London food markets, city banks and train stations were willing to give us a punt and allow us to take our homemade recipes out to the public. It was the conversations with everyone who visited our temporary sites that gave us the confidence we needed to take our product on to the BBC programme Dragons' Den, secure the investment and hit the retail shelves.


Earlier this year, we upgraded our makeshift pop-up bar with the help of the guys from Kennedy Woods. Their creation is similar to a pen-knife – it stores in a rectangular unit, then various components open to become a fully functional serving station + breakfast table with a display unit. To read more about the build and the guys at Kennedy Woods, see our earlier post on them here.


The pop-up bar is integral to our business and fuels much inspiration and creativity for the Spoon team. Using the bar allows us to continue telling our story and engage in conversations with the people who will help us spread the word about our product. In light of this, we visited Pearl Fisher last week to serve breakfast to their London office.


On a wet November morning, we began unfurling our pop-up’s various parts and it slowly emerged into its serving status. We filled our glass jars with our granola, etched the morning’s offerings onto the blackboard, prepared our home-made compotes and waited for the trickle of Pearlfisher staff needing their morning fuel. Most ate their bowls in the huge multi-functional gallery space which houses graduate exhibitions, an open-plan meeting space and occasional film marathons. However, a few members of staff had to take their bowls away with them to work at their desk, an action we recognise is a necessity at times. Nevertheless, we were pleased to be able to serve the morning fuel that aimed to sustain their mind and creativity.  


As soon as all members of the team had been fed and conversations wrapped up, the pop-up bar returned to its boxed state and was wheeled out. The morning made us reflect on the positivity that is enjoyed when a fresh and vibrant breakfast is served. We are looking forward to seeing where the bar will take us next, and will continue to enjoy the conversations we have with like-minded folk over breakfast.


Spoon Cereals x Pearl Fisher Menu


Cinnamon + Pecan Granola

Apple + Peanut Granola


The Collective Yoghurt

The Coconut Collaborative Coconut Yoghurt


Georgina Davies’ apple, cardamom + pomegranate compote

Orange, marmalade + thyme compote


Dried fruit mix 


Lin seeds

Peanut butter


Photo credits: John Annett

Orange, marmalade + thyme compote

-       6 oranges

-       zest of 1 lemon

-       2 sprigs of fresh thyme

-       2 tsp marmalade


Peel the oranges and discard of any pith (white skin).

Segment the oranges using a knife and omit any casing of the segments.

Put all ingredients in a pan, bring to boil, then turn down and leave to simmer for about 30 minutes.

Serve warm or leave cool.

Smother on toast, stir through yoghurt or pair with a bowl of granola for a deliciously autumnal breakfast.

Spoon {behind the scenes}: about

The behind the scenes series is a documentary of our business’ journey, a transparent snapshot into what we do and how we make it work. We hope that the honest reflections will show the rewards and challenges of our business, perhaps even inspiring others to begin their own start-up journey.