Spoon {meets} : AnalogFolk


Our pop-up bar has been an amazing tool, which not only allows everyone to try our fresh granola bowls, it also acts as a kitchen table, bringing people together in the morning - something that so many of us miss throughout our busy weeks. Our recent pop-up in a global creative agency, Analog Folk was a chance to meet a whole host of inspiring people outside the food world, enjoy genuine conversations and reunite with old friends (from Annie's advertising days).  

As seems to be the theme with our pop-up mornings, we arrived to the Clerkenwell based agency on a wet and grey morning to supply the team with their morning fuel. AnalogFolk 'use digital to make the analog world better.'  This approach to work and creativity is materialised in their open plan office space, with dedicated spaces for co-working and collaboration and other, smaller spaces for more private thought. 

As everyone began to arrive a little disheveled from their commutes, we were glad to see their eyes light up as we handed them fresh granola bowls made to order. Not all were quick to disappear off to their desks either. Instead they took time to appreciate this one-off morning occasion and tucked into their granola bowls, whilst we chatted about what projects they were working on and their current morning routines, which we are always very nosey about!

We really enjoyed our conversations with the AnalogFolk team and have asked them to respond to a few quick-fire questions giving us a little insight into what keeps these creatives ticking. 


Sinead Smith - Resource Manager

Morning routine? Roll out of bed shower and get dressed. Need feeding and a cup of tea before anyone can speak to me.

Tea or coffee? Builders tea, prefer Tetley's, not a PG fan.

Early bird or night owl? Early bird, I'm usually in bed by 10pm apart from on the weekend.

Milk or yoghurt with your granola? Both and fruit

Peanut + Apple or Cinnamon + Pecan? Peanut and Apple, LOVE IT.

Recent good meal out? Went to Salon Brixton for a 6 course tasting menu recently for a mates 40th and the food was amazing. We had the place to ourselves and the staff were also great, it helped that they kept the wine flowing.

Casual or smart? Casual - usually wear dungarees to work. They are sooo comfy but I do look like a bit of a tramp.


Rose Little - Freelance Creative

Morning routine? Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Get up!

Tea or coffee? Coffee. No contest. It's the only thing that finally gets me out of bed

Early bird or night owl? When I do finally get up, I am most productive in the morning. So would say early bird. 

Milk or yoghurt with your granola? I love yoghurt with a bonanza of berries on top

Peanut + Apple or Cinnamon + Pecan? Is it cheating to say both?!

Recent good meal out? BAO in Soho. Don't be put off by the queue outside, the food is well worth the wait

Casual or smart? I live in trainers so I would have to say casual. 


Vikesh Bhatt - Associate Creative Director

Morning routine? Run around the park and then working out my outfit for the day

Tea or coffee? Coffee / flat white

Early bird or night owl? Early bird

Milk or yoghurt with your granola? Yoghurt

Peanut + Apple or Cinnamon + Pecan? Peanut + Apple

Recent good meal out? Dishoom

Casual or smart? Always smart  


Natasha Daniel - Graduate Account Executive

Morning routine? Snooze alarm a few times, put on music, get ready, have cereal if there's time and speed walk to the tube!

Tea or coffee? Mostly latte when I get into work

Early bird or night owl? Night owl for sure

Milk or yoghurt with your granola? Yoghurt

Peanut + Apple or Cinnamon + Pecan? Cinnamon + Pecan - I love cinnamon

Recent good meal out? I returned from Amsterdam recently and recommend Bazar - they serve delicious African & Middle Eastern dishes in a vibrant setting

Casual or smart? Casual but depends on the occasion


Seth Jones - Associate Creative Director

Morning routine? Wake up, think about going to the gym. Scroll instagram instead

Tea or coffee? Neither

Early bird or night owl? Night owl

Milk or yoghurt with your granola? Milk. Full fat

Peanut + Apple or Cinnamon + Pecan? Both please

Recent good meal out? Peruvian Tapas in East London

Casual or Smart? Casual


Photography: Quintin Lake

Interior design: Dara Huang  


Spoon {meets}: about

At Spoon, we are interested and excited to explore creative lifestyles.  With freelance becoming the fastest growing profession in the world, working remotely has become commonplace. From our own experience this can feel a little lonely at times, which is why we hope to create a collaborative platform that helps creativity to flow.

‘Breakfast with creatives’ is a series of conversations over a bowl of granola with inspirational creatives about work and life balance, keeping up motivation, staying inspired and living a healthy and creatively fulfilled life.

We aim for this to become a destination for creative people to discover each other’s work and lifestyle choices over an honest breakfast chat.