Spoon {meets} : Ed Haslam + Platform Southwark

Luke, Sean and Ed are three artists in residence at Platform Southwark, a new project space on The Cut in Waterloo that intersects the visual and performing arts. We heard that Luke had been developing his porridge recipes to keep the studio well fed over the winter months so we decided to join them for breakfast. 


As visual artists, their studio is functionally designed for painting and sculpture but they are adopting an interdisciplinary approach in creating a community of different groups; a melting pot between theatre, art, music, dance and poetry. 


The table on which the porridge slowly brewed had been designed to host regular discussions between creative groups with the capacity to fold up into the ceiling and maintain a clear working studio floor.


They are sharing the building with the Young Vic and Merge Festival and they tell us the space will be coming to life in the spring laying host to a number of different events, performances and exhibitions. 


Follow them on Instagram @platformsouthwark to stay tuned. 

Orange + Chocolate Porridge

- Large rolled oats

- Almond milk

- Dried cherries, figs and cranberries

- Walnuts and blanched macadamias 

- Orange segments

- Raw honey 

- Sea salt

- Date syrup

- Cinnamon 

- 85% dark chocolate

- A handful of Cinnamon + Pecan granola


Warm milk, date syrup, cinnamon, honey in a pan. 

Peel the orange and segment. Add to pan and warm. 

Once warm, add oats and mix until cooked. Stir through chopped chocolate. Add a pinch of sea salt.

Serve in bowls and top with dried cherries, figs + cranberries, walnuts, blanched macadamias. Finally, sprinkle some Cinnamon + Pecan granola. 

Enjoy with strong black coffee. 


Spoon {meets}: about

At Spoon, we are interested and excited to explore creative lifestyles.  With freelance becoming the fastest growing profession in the world, working remotely has become commonplace. From our own experience this can feel a little lonely at times, which is why we hope to create a collaborative platform that helps creativity to flow.

‘Breakfast with creatives’ is a series of conversations over a bowl of granola with inspirational creatives about work and life balance, keeping up motivation, staying inspired and living a healthy and creatively fulfilled life.

We aim for this to become a destination for creative people to discover each other’s work and lifestyle choices over an honest breakfast chat.