Spoon {eats} : Deconstructed

If you take a handful of Spoon and carefully examine it, you can count all the ingredients. Free from nasty and artificial additives, our granola is made with the highest quality ingredients. Here is what you'll find in a bag of our pecan and cinnamon granola:

Wholegrain Jumbo Oats: classic base for a granola, we love the satisfaction you get in every mouthful, keeping your your energy levels steadily humming for hours after.

Coconut: the light crispy texture the coconut flakes create in your bowl, even after they’ve been swimming in milk for a while.

Pecan pieces: We love their smooth, melt in the mouth texture.

Peanuts: Peanuts are all the rage these days – their American charm and high protein content is what sold us in our nut decision-making process.

Dried apple: We made the controversial decision to toast our dried apple pieces after we baked a batch this way accidentally. They tasted fantastic so we kept them in.

Maple Syrup: it's naturally sweet, full of antioxidants and rich in flavour. Jonny’s uncle has a maple farm in Canada!  

Honey: Bees work hard to produce this delicious sweetener, and we really appreciate it.

Apple Juice: Not only is this naturally sweet, it also helps to create our granola’s light and crispy texture.

Rapeseed oil: Not too overpowering in its taste - this oil helps to create our granolas crispy texture. 

Vanilla Extract: We like to think of this as our magic potion – you only need a touch to enhance our granola's subtle sweet flavour. 

Cinnamon: All the sweetness and flavour without the sugar high, instead it regulates blood sugar levels. The perfect seasoning in our opinion.

Sea salt: Just a little pinch to unlock all the flavours within our recipes.

Spoon {eats} : about

Breakfast is fast becoming something that is recognised as integral to a healthy balanced diet and central to most morning rituals. Spoon Cereals is the brainchild of co-owner, Annie who wanted to share her morning ritual with others also looking for a healthy, high quality bowl of cereal in the mornings.

Spoon {eats} is a series that celebrates breakfast in its various forms, whether it’s a quick bowl of granola or a long and drawn out Saturday morning smorgasbord of eggs, toast, jams and more. Our aim for this series is to showcase amazing combinations and ingredients that we come across, which we hope will offer a platform for breakfast inspiration.