Spoon {eats} : Ways to eat

Milk, muesli, coffee, tea - all on repeat. Have you ever caught yourself wandering around supermarket aisles  looking for a new breakfast salvation? Cereal addicts we came up with 3 simple, quick, yet delicious and a little different, ways to lighten up your morning. 


What? Simple granola with your favourite type of milk

When? When time is not on your side. A bowl of plain granola is great if you only have a few minutes to leave home and need a slow energy releaser to keep you on your toes for the rest of the day!

Why? You won’t get hungry until lunch and even if you do, you can nibble some more granola or chuck it into a ‘pick me up’ smoothie - it’s a win win situation.


What? Granola sprinkled on porridge

When? On grim days, when the rain seems to never go away.

Why? We've never met a fitness / health nut that doesn't eat porridge. It's the perfect bowl of fuel. Granola just adds that sweet crunchy kick that you deserve before or after a workout. 


What? Classic yogurt with granola

When? Anytime, anywhere. Be it a midnight snack, a colourful breakfast or an after lunch treat!

Where? As kids we all loved ice cream sundaes. Still, as grownups, eating a bowl of ice cream bigger than your head for breakfast (or anytime really) is not a good idea. Yet, a bowl of layered granola, yogurt, berries, super-grains and cinnamon will bring you just the same satisfaction and take you back to your happy little days.

Spoon {eats} : about

Breakfast is fast becoming something that is recognised as integral to a healthy balanced diet and central to most morning rituals. Spoon Cereals is the brainchild of co-owner, Annie who wanted to share her morning ritual with others also looking for a healthy, high quality bowl of cereal in the mornings.

Spoon {eats} is a series that celebrates breakfast in its various forms, whether it’s a quick bowl of granola or a long and drawn out Saturday morning smorgasbord of eggs, toast, jams and more. Our aim for this series is to showcase amazing combinations and ingredients that we come across, which we hope will offer a platform for breakfast inspiration.