Spoon {meets} : Auste Skrupskyte, Hype App

One of the character trades of people running startups is that they don’t really have passions. They live a life made out of extremes, and their enthusiasm quickly turns into a sheer obsession. Yet, at the end of an exhausting month nobody will present them with a pretty looking paycheck. The price is high, but rewards are great - they have absolute freedom to make their own mistakes, and when the right time comes they'll become the lucky owners of jackpot companies.

What about the early employees? How can one justify taking a tremendous amount of risk for a tiny bit of equity and a rather low salary? Our good friend Auste smiles - “it’s really not about money. When working in a startup you have the freedom to stay creative, have ownership of your work and invest your time into something greater than a job”. Auste is one of the first employees of a hugely successful Hype App. On a bank holiday Saturday, she invited us to visit her home. Over a bowl of granola we talked about working in a startup, seeing the company grow and finding your niche.

You have a university degree in media and advertising. Yet, what you do is very different from traditional advertising. Tell us more about the purpose of your work.

Curating Hype App is fun. True, somehow it’s very different from traditional advertising. Team at Hype are keen to feature local and independent businesses in London, places where people can have fun, eat, shop, relax and not to spend too much money. London is amazing if you know what this city has to offer. We are giving tips to people to experience it in real time. Every day at work is different, I have many meetings recently, so it never really feels like having a routine.

What type of projects drive your creativity?

It has to be challenging. I love working on projects when I feel that I will be able to learn something new. The idea itself is also very important. A lot of it depends on people creating and curating it - execution is so incredibly important and I care a lot about the environment I work in.

What is the hardest thing about being a creative?

You can’t stop thinking and you never switch off. You’re looking for an inspiration and new ideas every minute and never know when the right one will come. It is amazing, but at the same time very tiring. Sometimes it feels like you haven’t done anything and just waste your time thinking, but at the same time you feel tired just because there is always something going on in your head.

Can you share advice with other young creatives looking to work in startups?

Be passionate and ready to work hard. It is very important to be enthusiastic to learn something new every day and to be close to your team. Seeing your ideas come to life is an exceptionally rewarding experience.

What is your stress reliever? What tips can you share with other creatives struggling to keep work and life balance?

It is hard, I feel that my work is my life, however a slow morning is very important to me, I like the idea of not rushing to leave my home.

Tell us about your mornings. Do you have a breakfast ritual?

Get out of the bed, make your bed, go to the shower, make a cup of coffee, quickly check the news and slowly start preparing for the day while having breakfast. Usually I start multi tasking as soon as I open my eyes.

What is your favourite way to have granola?

It’s my fav breakfast choice recently! I try to keep it very simple too - fruits or berries, granola and yoghurt. I sometimes add agave syrup to it. Yummy!

What’s your health philosophy?

A long run, good music and long sleep.

What’s your favourite brunch spot?

I love walking by the canal in London, this is one of those hidden spots, where I try to forget all my daily problems. That’s why The Proud Archivist in Haggerston is on the top of my list!

Follow Auste on her Instagram or check out Hype app to discover the most exciting neighbourhoods, pop ups, parties and talks in East, Central, South and North London.

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At Spoon, we are interested and excited to explore creative lifestyles.  With freelance becoming the fastest growing profession in the world, working remotely has become commonplace. From our own experience this can feel a little lonely at times, which is why we hope to create a collaborative platform that helps creativity to flow.

‘Breakfast with creatives’ is a series of conversations over a bowl of granola with inspirational creatives about work and life balance, keeping up motivation, staying inspired and living a healthy and creatively fulfilled life.

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