Spoon {meets} : Nina Woodcroft, founder Nina+Co

Soaked in light Nina’s apartment greets us with a breakfast proposition. First, we cozy up on a couch and talk all things life - growing up in Camden, working her way up to an associate’s position in a design agency and leaving to start her own business. Not only has she worked on the world’s most impressive hotels as well as minimalistic coffee shops, Nina has also launched a very special product. Her ceramics line The Breakfast Collection (tested firsthand to meet our granola cravings) creates perfect comfort and style for the start of an exciting day.

While Nina makes us another cup tea we start asking questions.

Can you describe your style?

Nordic. Honest, uncomplicated and ethical. Collaborative.

What type of projects drive your creativity? And what is your dream project?

I’m currently working on a social enterprise cafe in Dean Street, Soho. The cause really inspires me and the tight budget demands creative thinking. 

My dream project would be to build my own house. It would be carbon positive; full of natural finishes, plants and an especially beautiful open kitchen for sharing food with friends and family.

What is the hardest thing about being a creative?

Compromising. In every project compromises have to be made which can threaten to dilute your original idea beyond recognition. The key is to work through these issues without losing the integrity of the design and sometimes finding the courage to stick to your guns is essential.

Can you walk us through your day?

If I’m not getting messy in the ceramics studio, then I’ll head into the Collective office in Camden, open up my laptop, and check my emails. I might be sourcing materials, sketching, or putting presentations together; every day is different which is what I love about my work. I’ll break frequently for tea and have lunch in the park if the weather is good enough. An after-work drink is not uncommon at one of my favourite locals.

What is your stress reliever? What tips can you share with other creatives struggling to keep work and life balance?

Yoga, meditation, and switching off your phone in the evenings. I try not to take on too much at one time. I don’t find it effective to be spread too thinly, I like to have enough time to dedicate myself to a project and get the best results.

What or who recently inspired you?

The Magdas Hotel opened in Vienna. An open-minded social enterprise hotel that employs and offers accommodation to asylum seekers alongside hotel guests. It’s a shining example of combining beautiful design with ethics.

Tell us about your mornings. Do you have a breakfast ritual?

When I get out of bed, I go straight to my living room and roll out my yoga matt in my south-facing bay window. The kettle whistles just as I finish my sun salutations and I make a cup of earl grey for me and my boyfriend. After showers we sit down to breakfast with an espresso from our mini mocha pot. We’ll either have toast with fresh sourdough bread from our local bakery, peanut butter and marmite. Or my favourite cereal combination of the moment; crunchy, wholesome Grape Nuts mixed with an indulgent chocolate cereal.

What’s your favourite brunch spot?

Pancakes on Saturday morning at my house.

Or Thursday morning brunches at the Camden Collective office - we take turns to cook and have been treated to specialities from Paris, Israel and Mexico.

How do you like your granola?

Homemade. More nuts than oats. Served with organic yoghurt, fresh figs and a good drizzle of honey.

Visit Nina’s website to discover her beautiful projects and learn more about The Breakfast Collection. 

Spoon {meets}: about

At Spoon, we are interested and excited to explore creative lifestyles.  With freelance becoming the fastest growing profession in the world, working remotely has become commonplace. From our own experience this can feel a little lonely at times, which is why we hope to create a collaborative platform that helps creativity to flow.

‘Breakfast with creatives’ is a series of conversations over a bowl of granola with inspirational creatives about work and life balance, keeping up motivation, staying inspired and living a healthy and creatively fulfilled life.

We aim for this to become a destination for creative people to discover each other’s work and lifestyle choices over an honest breakfast chat.