Spoon {philosophies} : What's next for cereal?

We love hearing from everyone interested in our journey with Spoon and we always try our utmost  to get back all the questions and queries that come our way. This one in particular really made me smile, so much so I felt you all should hear this - hopefully it will brighten up your day too. 

Dear Spoon People,

I am an avid cereal enthusiast- from the golden nugget to the humble granola I feel I have now sampled all of the cereals on god's green breakfast table.

I admit there have been dark days, when all I have left is coco pops and banana flavoured milkshake.. Sometimes I lay awake at night thinking about those times...

Look, I'm past that now- seriously; truly it has left me humbled, seeking answers to the big questions.. What is the best cereal? Which cereals will give me the best and most balanced start to my day? How much fibre is too much?

But those are questions of philosophy, not science- I have come to you seeking the answer to the ultimate question, where is cereal going, what's next..?

If at all possible please consult your oracles (market research team) so we can nail down the final answer.. The fate of everyone's breakfast.. Is in your hands.

Hoping this reaches you before it's too late,



Dear Steve,

Thank you for reaching out to us at Spoon. You pose a good question, which we’d like to try and answer to the best of our ability. As you say, it’s a question of philosophy and we are inclined to agree.   

We believe that a product like cereal - eaten by 50% of the population - has scope to head in all kinds of interesting directions.

As a start up company consisting of just two Spoon people and a few brand ambassadors, we’ve had the luxury of immersing ourselves in the breakfast market by taking our recipes across the UK in the form of our breakfast cereal pop up bars. We’ve enjoyed speaking to everyone that’s visited our pop up sites – at train stations, city banks, food markets and music festivals. Not only has the feedback on our product and brand been invaluable, we’ve also come away with a clear understanding of what our customers want.

With these insights firmly under our belts, we’ve then gone and attempted to answer all of their needs by producing a granola product stemmed from a simple home recipe – nothing too ambiguous and nothing too boring or unhealthy,  just full of the right ingredients that happen to taste pretty damn good when baked in the oven at 160 degrees for 30 minutes at a time.

As an added bonus our granolas fall into what we believe to be a healthy balanced lifestyle, which a number of top names in the health and food industry seem to agree on too.

The beauty of working in food and drink is the chance to meet all the incredible people within it  so for us,  it’s not always about granola – we’re constantly on the look out for the coolest new restaurant opening or cookbook launch.

It’s these people who inspire our own line of work, especially when it comes to new cereal recipe developments, which we think will be the next best thing.

We hope you agree and continue to follow us down this path.

Kindest regards,
Annie, Spoon Cereals co - owner.

Spoon {philosophies} : about

Spoon was started by two people with the common interest of leading a happily balanced lifestyle – starting with a good breakfast. After making the jump to start their company together, they soon realised that keeping things simple was a helpful value to fall back on when times got tough. Simplicity now stands as the company’s core value.

The philosophies series is an open and honest dialogue about Spoon’s values and how they feature in our daily lives as well as the impact they have on how we run our business.  The series is also a way to highlight how our guiding principles are challenged by others we meet along the way.