The granola health debate: Claire


Claire is a medical herbalist, nutritionist, recipe developer, food stylist, writer and photographer. Quite a handful, yet Clare has great and honest online voice and a personal story. We aimed for a short Q&A, but it soon became obvious Clare had so much to share...

What is your health philosophy?

I believe that healthy living should be fun and empowering - it’s not about self denial or deprivation. I believe it’s important to keep things simple - overcomplicating things and putting excess pressure on ourselves only serves to generate stress and this is one of the biggest enemies to a healthy, happy life. I don’t ascribe to a particular ‘diet’ because I think rules are limiting and can be oppressive, bringing out people’s rebellious sides! Instead I follow some basic principals that I live by - principles that give me guidance and strength but that aren’t ‘rules’ to be broken. So in a nutshell my philosophy on health can be summarised pretty simply…

  • Eat well. This means eating a rainbow of fresh fruit and vegetables every day, eating organic and locally sourced foods as much as possible, eating a good amount of protein and healthy fats, ditching processed food and eating mindfully.

  • Think Well. Practice gratitude, focus on the positive, boost your brain with exercise and proper nutrition and do something you love everyday.

  • Move well. Go green - get moving in nature, do some form of exercise every day, focus on exercise that you enjoy, make exercise a part of who you are (not just something you ‘do’).

Does our granola fit into your beliefs?

Yes. I love the fact that it’s full of natural ingredients and free from processed nasties. It has less sugar than most granolas which is a real health bonus and it tastes gorgeous! The nuts and coconut content give it a dose of good fats and fibre and make it more filling than lots of other granolas I’ve tired. Having the added healthy fats in there also means that the sugars make their way into the bloodstream more slowly and give a steady supply of energy rather than a sugar rush! I try not to eat gluten so that’s the only downside for me - although oats are generally easier to digest than other foods containing wheat and they have lots of health benefits in themselves.  I’d love you guys to make a gluten-free version one day! (Fingers tightly crossed!).

How do you enjoy granola?

I love to have granola with some freshly pressed almond milk, a scattering of fresh strawberries and some bee pollen. Utter granola heaven!

Do you have a favourite granola recipe?

My favourite granola recipe is by the amazing Eleanor of Petite Kitchen. It’s her maple and coconut oil roasted granola with apricots and figs and it’s absolutely delicious!

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At Spoon we believe that our granola can be eaten as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We love eating our granola at anytime of the day -  it’s great for getting us out of bed in the mornings, fuelling a workout, it’s a healthy ‘pick me up’ snack and it also sends us to sleep at night. 

The aim of this series is to tell everyone that there is no right or wrong way to live a balanced life. However, listening to your body instead of restricting yourself is a great way to start.

We are interested to know what other people working in the health and wellness industry had to say as well as know how they like to start their days.