Behind the scenes: Pop up bar build

As a start up company consisting of just two Spoon people and a few brand ambassadors, we’ve had the luxury of immersing ourselves in the breakfast market by taking our recipes across the UK in the form of our breakfast cereal pop up bars. We’ve enjoyed speaking to everyone that has visited our pop up sites – at train stations, city banks, food markets and music festivals. Not only has the feedback on our product and brand been invaluable but we’ve also come away with a clear understanding of what our customers want.

We’ve come a long way since our first pop up at a little food fair in Barnes. Our time on the BBC TV programme Dragons Den was a fairly hefty stepping stone for us as we managed to secure some investment, which has helped us tackle the wholesale side to the business.

We didn’t want to shy away from the pop up side of things though – they got us to where we are in the first place and we love being hands on.

That’s why we’ve used the investment to help us upgrade our pop up bar into something a bit more bespoke with some help from the very talented guys over at Kennedy Woods Architecture.

We can’t wait to reveal what’s in store for everyone. It’s very much working progress at the moment, so in the mean time we thought we’d introduce you to Tom and the other brainiacs behind the bar….

Can you tell as a little bit about your background?

My education and professional background lies in product design. I cut my teeth working for a startup,  mass manufacturing homeware products from biodegradable alternatives to everyday plastics. What has distinguished our studio from the start has been Chris’ contrasting and complementary architectural strategy. We’ve been close friends for over 10 years.

What sort of clients have you worked with so far?

We’ve worked with established high street brands through to entrepreneurial start ups and on a range of scales. Despite that broad range we try to characterise our work with the same underlying principle; An intelligent, explorative concept underpinned by a thorough understanding of the processes of design development and construction.

Do you have an ideal client / project?

Chance to apply our method more than a specific project that interests us - scope for exploration / experimentation.

Start-ups require lots of creativity with the little budget they have – can you give us an example of the cheapest creative thing you’ve built or seen?

We recently won a competition hosted by Topman to design and build a floor lamp in 24 hours, from entirely upcycled materials as part of their 'Versus' video series. Our design balanced the elegant proportions of a salvaged artists easel with a pair of heavy plaster weights.
For us the project was a testament to our belief that reclaimed materials don't have to mean a second rate aesthetic so long if you're innovative in your approach to design and detailing. The video can be seen here:

Can you describe Spoon cereal’s pop up bar and your favourite part to the project?

We’ve compared the design to a ‘Swiss Army Knife’. The bar will arrive to events as a seamless white box which will unfold and dismantle, revealing a fully functioning breakfast bar concealed inside.
We always enjoy creating moments of theatre for our retail clients and the pop up bar will have a dramatic sense of the ‘reveal’.

As a start up company yourself – do you have any wise words of wisdom for anyone wishing to build their own creative agency?

We found moving to our first studio space was hugely motivating and really pushed us to step our game up. Don’t be tempted to work from home. Get a space no matter how small.

What’s your morning routine?

( For my sins ) - two / three cups of black coffee before blitzing it to the studio on my bike!

Best pop up you’ve seen / been to recently?

We were lucky enough to work with the fantastic Forza Win recently - their restaurant in Peckham sits somewhere between a pop up and a permanent restaurant.

Spoon {behind the scenes}: about

The behind the scenes series is a documentary of our business’ journey, a transparent snapshot into what we do and how we make it work. We hope that the honest reflections will show the rewards and challenges of our business, perhaps even inspiring others to begin their own start-up journey.