The granola health debate: Ed


Ed Foy is the co-owner of LA inspired cold-pressed juice brand, PRESS London. We made friends with these guys during our two week pop up at Old Street station, who at the time, had just launched the company. 12 months later, they're now opening their second shop in London. 

What is your health philosophy?

Simply “ LIFE IN BALANCE” that is a contraction of “A happy life, is a life in balance”. Something that is easy to say and very hard to achieve.

This is nowhere more relevant than in ones diet and ones lifestyle.

Make better, healthier choices on a day to day basis so that you can say yes to life’s indulgences.

Life is too short to abstain from all things deemed unhealthy

Does our granola fit into your beliefs? 

Yes, it is about combining something delicious, filling and healthy into people’s day to day lives. People hate to compromise their routine. So you have to find ways to fit into that routine. Its easier than trying to change people's behaviour and ultimately leads to better success in helping people to actually make healthier choices.

How do you enjoy granola?

In the morning it tastes great on top of smoothies and in our breakfast bowls.

Do you have a favourite granola recipe?

One of our favorite raw granola recipes is by using dried fruits and soaked almonds with buckwheat and gluten free oats. The dates make the granola stick together and make it crunchy with the buckwheat. Tastes great with some coconut added in there too.

The Granola Health Debate : about

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At Spoon we believe that our granola can be eaten as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We love eating our granola at anytime of the day -  it’s great for getting us out of bed in the mornings, fuelling a workout, it’s a healthy ‘pick me up’ snack and it also sends us to sleep at night. 

The aim of this series is to tell everyone that there is no right or wrong way to live a balanced life. However, listening to your body instead of restricting yourself is a great way to start.

We are interested to know what other people working in the health and wellness industry had to say as well as know how they like to start their days.