The granola health debate: Pippa

Pippa Murray created Pip&Nut to improve the runner’s world - one nut butter spoon at a time. Pip is a runner and in the beginning loved making homemade, energy boosting nut butters to go on her morning porridge. Fast forward, Pip’s butters are popping up all over London, including our breakfast plates.

A breakfast expert, what does she think about granola?

What is your health philosophy?

In my books health(y) food is absolutely not about sacrifice but about discovering new and exciting food that you can get creative with.

Does our granola fit into your beliefs? 

Absolutely. Spoon is generous in every way. The fact that you use use real ingredients, that are packed with flavour, aligns with our values here at Pip & Nut.

How do you enjoy granola?

I like it with a drizzle of our coconut almond butter, a handful of blueberries and ice cold milk.

Do you have a favourite granola recipe?

A granola with a hint of cinnamon and good handful of roasted nuts will get a thumbs up from me.

The Granola Health Debate : about

Illustrations: ed.vards

At Spoon we believe that our granola can be eaten as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We love eating our granola at anytime of the day -  it’s great for getting us out of bed in the mornings, fuelling a workout, it’s a healthy ‘pick me up’ snack and it also sends us to sleep at night. 

The aim of this series is to tell everyone that there is no right or wrong way to live a balanced life. However, listening to your body instead of restricting yourself is a great way to start.

We are interested to know what other people working in the health and wellness industry had to say as well as know how they like to start their days.