Ceramics series (part 1)

Back in February we launched a month long Instagram series featuring ceramic artists that we follow online and some of whom we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.


Our love of beautifully simple hand crafted ceramics is something that brings out our inner geek, and makes the whole experience of eating our granola bowls at breakfast or anytime of the day for that matter that extra bit special.


Keep your eyes peeled for some of the artists we are featuring throughout this series (part 2 still to come) in our upcoming cookbook! 

Elliot Ceramics

Working mainly in thrown porcelain, Elliot has a minimalist approach to pottery, carefully considering each design, stripping away excess details to create beautifully modest tableware.


Andrea Roman

"All my work is hand thrown over the wheel, and then reshaped, fired, glazed and fired again, and sometimes again"


Florian Gadsby

In 2012 Florian was successful in obtaining a place on the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s Ceramics Skills & Design Course. Following on from which he started a two year apprenticeship with renowned London based potter, Lisa Hammond, where he helps produce the functional standard ware, along with his own work.


Minor Goods

"Minor Goods believes less is more, we love craftsmanship and simple design (and food!). We make and curate timeless lifestyle accessories that are beautiful with an understated design aesthetic. That are created using traditional techniques with a modern approach, treasured items that will stand the test of time. We are passionate about product and want to share the creators' stories and their products to help you cherish the goods you buy."