Behind the scenes: Cookbook contributors

Forming alliances with the creative community is something we feel very strongly about at Spoon. Our cookbook has been the perfect opportunity to showcase some of the people responsible for inspiring us each day and who we endeavour to retain close ties with as we continue to the next chapter. 

We look forward to sharing their recipes, as well as our own with you this Autumn. 

Cookbook Launch date: October 2016.


In the meantime, introducing our friends and recipe contributors... 

Adam Byatt -  Chef + Restaurateur

Agnes Gallhägen - Food blogger and creator of Cashew Kitchen

Camilla Ferarro - Food Blogger, The Alimental Sage

Anna Jones - Cook, food writer and stylist

Anna Pinder, Food stylist and recipe developerIG - @annapinder

David Gatenby, Photographer and supper club host

Elle Landgren, Creator of Elle Fit Active

Hugh Johnson, Photographer

Issy Croker, Food and lifestyle photographer

Joey O’Hare, Private chef and supper club host IG - @joeyscooking

JJ Wilson - Co-founder and head of brand at Kit & Ace

Chris Kennedy and Tom Woods, Founders of Kennedy Woods

Renée Kemps, Food blogger

Jacqueline Skott, Co-owner of Snaps + Rye

Stine Dulong, Ceramicist and founder of SkandiHus

Natasha Kelly, Founder and owner of the café Tiosk

Zoe Hannam, Founder of Minor Goods Ceramics