Breakfast hacks for non-morning types


Let’s face it…we are not all morning people. The sound of the alarm sends shivers through us. The thought of making decisions – absurd!

We all have such busy lives leading to some late nights, which means hitting the snooze button and catching those extra Zzz’s eats into our morning time and quite often leads to many of us skipping the most important meal of the day.

Research by Spoon Cereals reveals that a staggering 45% of UK population don’t eat breakfast every day, citing a lack of time, with many of us prioritising hair and make up over breakfast in the morning.

Breakfast sets you up for the day, giving you energy to tackle the day head on.


Here are a few achievable ways you can enjoy your breakfast in the morning: 

Set the alarm half an hour earlier

I know – you’re not a morning person but try this. Giving yourself a little longer to wake up in the morning will give you the opportunity to gently rise without the stress time pressure.

Wiggle your toes, open your eyes slowly and take some deep breaths. Sure, you can snooze once, but do try and stay awake at this point.


After you have given yourself a few moments to wake up. Sit on the side of your bed and start with some simple stretches.

  • Rotate you neck from side to side gently.
  • Gently stand and breathe in and breathe out and roll down and aim to touch your toes. Rest here for a few seconds shaking your head yes and no. Breathe in and out again and roll up one vertebra at a time till you’re standing.
  • Rotate your arms in circles 5 times forward and 5 times back.
  • Then take a little jiggle and wriggle your toes – and smile!

These stretches will start the blood pumping around your body, releasing endorphins and getting fresh oxygen to those sleepy muscles.

Hot lemon

Instead of heading straight for the coffee start the day with hot lemon water. Boil the kettle and let it cool for a minute and then add to a cup of squeezed fresh lemon then light a candle, sit down and turn on your morning playlist.

Hot Lemon is great for igniting your metabolism and getting your digestive engine going. Don’t get me wrong I love an espresso first thing but caffeine can shock the system therefore I save that till after my hot lemon.


Write your top three to do’s that day.

What this means is writing down the most important and realistic things that you need to achieve that day to make it a success.

Our lives are so busy and being in constant digital reach can mean that our to-do lists gather pace and by the end of the day we have realised we haven’t even begun what we set out to do!

This will leave you feeling more stressed when you come home.

Therefore, set your top three intentions – revisit them throughout the day - and make every day successful!

Breakfast – and on the go!

By now, you should be starting to feel more awake. Your blood will be flowing and your metabolism awoken. Time for breakfast!

Save time and prep the night before. Chop some fruit, soak your oats or make sure you have the ingredients you need to throw together a balanced brekkie.

I love to start the day with greek yoghurt, cinnamon and pecan granola and drizzled with argan oil. If I know I will be going to the gym then I may whip up some eggs with avocado. 

All washed down with my morning espresso 

Some days, I do have to dash away early for a business trip – on those days I prepare my breakfast the night before and take my breakfast with me to enjoy at the earliest opportunity.

A couple of ideas for breakfast on the run:

  • Fill Tupperware with some peanut + apple granola and pack a small individual yoghurt in your bag. The yoghurt pot can act as a bowl if needs be!
  • Add chopped berries, bananas and citrus and drizzle with a little honey. Enjoy with a sprinkle of homemade granola for extra crunch.

Check out the Spoon cookbook for further breakfast inspiration > click here

Words by Cyntra In The City

Image credit : Pinterest