Promoting a healthy workspace

As we work to bring Spoon into the cereal world, it can sometimes feels as though we’re slaves to our laptops. Anyone who has ever worked in an office will know all too well that long hours of hunching over the keyboard and scrunching up in the chair can leave you feeling sluggish and give you a pain in the neck. This is because sitting (and slouching as the day goes on), requires no muscle engagement leading to a decline in core and abdominal strength.

Good posture and healthy muscles are so important (almost as important as breakfast?) which is why we’ve added a couple of swiss ball chairs to our desks at Spoon HQ. Swiss ball chairs are designed to keep your core, hip and leg muscles engaged as you work, as your body works to balance itself.

Apart from anything else, they make for a good point of conversation when we have visitors and brings out our inner child when the bouncing kicks in towards the end of a long day!