Morning time rituals

It will come as no surprise to hear that at Spoon we love those morning rituals.


Before anything else, there’s only one thing on our mind when we wake up. Whether it’s bircher, porridge, muesli, granola - you name it, we’ll eat it #nosmalltalkbeforebreakfast

Breakfast should never be a chore, which is why we find it helpful to prep our morning meal the night before - having your granola out ready and pre-chopping some fruit to throw on top, or prepping a bowl of overnight oats ready to whip out the fridge. We’re firm believers in giving yourself a reason to jump out of bed in the morning.

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Set your intentions

Life can get a little hectic. In the first few thoughts of the day, we like to set our intentions. What do we want to focus on today? What actions will help us take a step closer to achieving a goal? What can we do that will make us happy? (and if you’ve had a wholesome breakfast, you won’t be distracted by a rumbling stomach).

Clear your space

Climbing out of bed can be a chore, particularly when it’s so dark and cold outside. It always feels good at the time but hitting that snooze button too much can eat into our morning time. Things like washing up the breakfast bowls and making the bed, don’t seem to take priority. They do make all the difference when you get home in the evening though, or if you’re working from home. Take an extra five minutes and tidy up after yourself. Having a clear space, helps your to have a clear mind.


A sure fire way to get the endorphins pumping through your body is exercise. On these dark, winter mornings it can be tough to motivate yourself to wake up extra early, so we recommend having your trainers ready next to your bed, breakfast already prepped for you to dive into when you get home, and a killer playlist to see you through your work out.