Spoon Meets: The Breakfast Enthusiasts

Spoon Meets is a breakfast talk series with inspirational creatives. We visit their homes, studios and work spaces to talk about what keeps them jumping out of bed in the morning.

We thought it would be pretty cool to invite you guys to join the conversation in real life, which leads me onto introducing you to the second in our series of Spoon Meets panel talks… Here’s what happened:  


Girls talking about breakfast. Start getting excited.


The Balance Festival – a destination for the health crazed foodies.

Who did we chat to?

Tally Rye – PT, founder of #GirlGains, breakfast obsessed.

Rhiannon Lambert – Nutritionist with all the right things to say.

Natalie Glaze – Media pro, blogger, lady who brunches.

Natasha Kelly – Founder of Tiosk -  Speciality tea shop and café. One for your brunch wish list.

High-brow topics of conversation

 The S word –  how to have a healthy relationship with sugar in the morning, the importance of eating breakfast, fuelling your morning workout in the right way.

Low-brow topics of conversation

Brunch dates, breakfast habits, breakfast hacks for people with no time, breakfast midnight munchies.

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