Spoon Meets: Alex Outlaw


I love granola especially the nutty stuff but I’m a bit weird as generally eat it without milk so it can’t be too dry.

Alex Outlaw is the co-founder at The Idle Man, an online fashion brand, which started in 2014 with one mission: to make style accessible for men, in their own words #StyleMadeEasy. The e-commerce platform specialising in young menswear provides the style-conscious millennial a destination to inspire their creative and busy lifestyles. With an impressive 2 million unique websites visitors a month and an ever-growing cult following, the London-based company is up there with some of the biggest mainstream fashion websites in the UK.

We hear about what’s keeping The Idle Man’s co-founder, Alex Outlaw jumping out of bed each morning.


Q. What time is your alarm clock set to throughout the week?

Ha ha, it used to be 8:10 but since my daughter was born it’s more like 5:30am and that’s without the need for an alarm clock! This also means that I’m now in bed by 10pm


Q. Tell us what you ate for breakfast this morning.

Spoon granola obviously, lol. On a serious note I love granola especially the nutty stuff but I’m a bit weird as generally eat it without milk so it can’t be too dry.


Q. You started The Idle Man with business partner, Oliver Tezcan. How did you guys meet and how important is it in your mind to work as a double act in business?

Oliver and I met through a mutual friend and have been mates ever since. What is great about our relationship is that we both bring very different but complimentary skills to the table. Oliver is an expert in the product and my speciality is marketing and ecommerce. With any business there is always a lot to be done but with our combined skills and network we have nearly all bases covered.


Q. Tell us three things about your work that you are most passionate about

Well first and foremost I love the job, it feels like a giant jigsaw puzzle with no instructions. No day is ever the same and as the business grows so do the complexities and challenges. We also have a young creative team so it creates a really fun office environment and helps give me a lot of insight into our younger consumers. Fashion is also a really interesting space, brands appear from nowhere, trends get reinvented and the whole sector attracts a really interesting bunch of people which makes the job exciting.


Q.  What one piece of advice can you give anyone interested to start a men’s fashion brand

Really think about who your target audience are. Ultimately the better you know your customer the better you can appeal to them and the more genuine you can come across.


Q . Your idea of the perfect morning?

Wake up early somewhere hot like Bali overlooking the ocean. Have a quick drink hit the surf and then come back after an hour or so for a breakfast of greek yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, orange juice and strong black coffee. The rest of the day would be spent with friends and family.


Q. Why should men take pride in their appearance?

Men’s fashion isn’t really that hard. Throw away that old crusty t-shirt, buy some decent clothes that fit and find a style that you feel comfortable in. Make this extra effort and you will be surprised how much better you feel in yourself


Q. What are you wearing?

Ha ha, I love a good quality well fitted white t-shirt so that is my go to staple and today Also have on some selvage denim jeans (Idle Man of course) and a pair of white vans trainers. Simple.


Q. What are you listening to?

With a group of 20 somethings in the office we listen to everything from old school garage, to show tunes, yes it is that diverse. For me when I’m working I can’t really concentrate when there are a lot of words so minimal tech is always good if you need to get something done.


Q. Favourite brunch spot?

The rooftop restaurant at Shoreditch house is a great spot to watch the world go by and enjoy a great breakfast. I love being up high.


Q. Finally, thoughts and opinions on our granola?

 Like I said, I love the stuff.     


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