Our Advice for Sticking with the Veganuary Mindset

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Veganuary is growing in popularity each year as more and more people test out this diet. Here at Spoon, our vegan muesli options (and our newly launched The Low Sugar One granola which is vegan too) continue to be extremely popular with both vegans and non-vegans! It’s always fun to face a new challenge and eating vegan more often can improve your health, as well as being good for the planet.

However, if you’re used to consuming meat and dairy, it can be hard to stay motivated throughout this significant diet change. Now that January is over, will you decide to eat vegan more often? We’ve put together some tips and advice for sticking with some of the habits you’ve created during Veganuary. We believe in you.

Breakfast is a great place to start

Although sometimes overlooked in Veganuary recipe ideas - breakfast is one of the simplest things to make vegan! There are so many great options you can consider for a filling and delicious breakfast including pancakes, muffins and scrambled tofu on toast. If complicated breakfasts aren’t your thing, you can always opt for a simple and tasty bowl of vegan cereal with almond milk and fresh fruit.

Make your own snacks

We are all guilty of giving in to snacking tendencies every now and again and, while there are so many great vegan snack options, the costs can add up if you keep impulse buying. Instead, why not dedicate some time over the weekend to prepare some snacks in advance? As well as being great for breakfast, our granolas and mueslis can provide the perfect base for protein bars, healthy muffins and much more.

Don’t assume it’s healthy just because it’s vegan

Although our vegan cereals are healthier, since we do not use any refined sugar, as well as being tastier and more exciting, this doesn't mean that all vegan products are automatically healthy just because they are vegan. If one of your goals for trying Veganuary is to feel healthier, make sure you do your research around the nutritional value of what you’re eating.

Cupboard essentials will help you out!

Shopping might feel overwhelming during Veganuary. What do you buy? What can you use it for? If you’re having a food crisis, just remember to turn to store cupboard essentials. A large range of vegan recipes can be made from simple staples such as tinned beans and pulses, whole grains and spices. Then all you need to add is fresh veg and you’re onto a winner. Remember - anything that you would typically use chicken or beef for can often be substituted for tofu, chickpeas or lentils.

Plan your meals in advance

This is a great tip for healthy eating in general, as well as for Veganuary. Being unprepared for your weekly meals can result in impulse buys, takeaways and unhealthy habits. Simply dedicating a bit of time to meal planning and prepping will help you to try out new and exciting recipes and give you a ready-made shopping list. It also limits food waste because you only need to buy exactly what you need.

There we go - Spoon’s advice for sticking with Veganuary. We hope you’re feeling inspired to try out some new healthy and tasty recipes. If you’ve been using one of our vegan cereals for your kitchen creations, we’d love to hear all about it - visit our Spooner page for more info.