Overnight Oats Ideas for Creating the Perfect Bowl


Overnight oats are the perfect healthy breakfast for busy people. You prepare them in advance, and they are ready to eat in the morning so you don’t have to rush around. Plus, unlike some quick breakfast solutions, they are packed full of flavour and goodness. You can even take your oats on the train!

We believe everyone deserves a great breakfast, no matter how much of a rush they’re in. That’s why we’ve put together some overnight oats ideas so that you can create the perfect breakfast. Enjoy!

Use our The Nutty One muesli for a tasty twist

Lots of people choose to opt for plain rolled oats, and while these are a good option, the best overnight oats are those packed full of flavour and quick to make. Try using muesli instead of oats, like our The Nutty One muesli, which is already packed with almonds, cashews, nuts and spices. Delicious.

Try using coconut milk or other plant based alternatives

Being vegan or lactose-intolerant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a “creamy” bowl of oats in the morning. Why not try using coconut milk? It’s deliciously sweet and perfect for breakfast. Or, if you’re not a fan of coconut, there are plenty of other plant-based options you can opt for instead.

Add frozen berries

Frozen berries are great to have for breakfast - they’re usually cheaper than fresh berries and they never get wasted either. One of our top overnight oats ideas to create a really tangy and flavourful breakfast is to add a handful of your favourite frozen berries the night before. They defrost overnight, creating a lovely juicy texture and turning the milk pink (just like our Berry Fix muesli).

Remember the 2:1 rule

It can be hard to guess exactly how many oats you’ll be able to eat, or how much milk you need to soak them. Guessing can lead to a soggy mess! Remember the golden ratio: you want two cups of oats to one cup of milk. This is the best tip for perfect oats.

Switch up the toppings

You can get super creative with the toppings for overnight oats - even if you always opt for the same base. Some of our simple overnight oats topping ideas include maple syrup, pumpkin seeds and banana. You can also try adding cacao nibs, chia seeds or even pomegranate! Try something different each day to keep things interesting.

So, there you have it - our top overnight oats ideas to kickstart your morning. Remember to get creative with your breakfast bowls and tag us on Instagram using #buildyourbowl and @spooncereals!